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Yes. Yes, you do.

You are thinking, “Of course I proofread. Before I submit or publish or turn in anything I write, I proofread it one final time to catch any typos I missed.” And my response to you is, “No. You don’t.” Okay, it is likely you do read through it, but, depending on how long it took you to write or how long the actual manuscript is or how many times you have already read it, it is highly unlikely that you will catch the one or two words (or three or four or five or…) where you typed “if” instead of…

We have all had them. Here is something you can do about them.

Monkey yelling like you want to on one of those days.
Monkey yelling like you want to on one of those days.
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Sometimes, you may have the sort of day where everything that has irritated or frustrated you for awhile seems to pile up on you in that one moment. A day when you are fine, until you are not. On any other day, you might be able to let things roll and move on, but today that just is not going to work.

On days like these, I have found the best way to handle them is to find a quiet spot (which is not always an easy thing to do in my house) and write down everything. By that, I…

Enough to invite a detour, but not on this road trip.

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My son and I are headed to Ohio to see his father and his half-sisters. We live in Texas, and as it turns out, Texas is a long, long, long way from Ohio. I like to drive, but by the time we hit Kentucky, 15 hours into the 20-hour drive, my mind was wandering as I drove mostly on auto-pilot.

It didn’t help that as we crossed the state line my son asks, “So, what’s in Kentucky?” Then he proceeded to fall asleep.

So, what is in Kentucky?


Why do we hide our best selves from so much of the world?

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I have a fifteen-year-old son with anxiety and depression. He struggles with the outside world and often stays in his room, asleep. It doesn’t help that he is also naturally an introvert so actually prefers to spend much of his time alone. I struggle with finding interesting ways to get him out of his room and into society.

Part of my responsibility as his mother is to expose him to new and different experiences, so he will grow into an active, or at least self-supporting, member of…

She is not a deep sleeper. She hasn’t been since her baby son was born seven weeks early. While he slept, or didn’t sleep, in the NICU, she got the best and longest sleep every night until he came home from the hospital. “Sleep while you can,” the nurses told her. They were right.

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After she brought him home, he only slept two hours at a time unless she was holding him, which meant she only slept two hours at a time. When he turned three, he slept four hours at a time. …

It makes me feel like I am getting old.

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The first class I took in college was a typing course. It was 1990, and I was going to school part time. I remember thinking that since I was going to write papers and such for my entire college career, I should probably know how to type. So, I signed up for the class.

We learned on older model, desktop computers with DOS-based operating systems and clunky, white keyboards. You had to want to press each key, and as you did it made a definitive click-clack sound. By the end of…


Mother. Geographer. Curious about people and the world.

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